Patient Testimonials for Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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“God bless you for all your brilliant guidance and astute understanding of OCD. I have been tortured with unbearable thoughts and images for most of my life. No one in my family could understand why I couldn’t just “snap out of it”. I was amazed at how well you could get into my head and predict exactly where my bully was going to set off my next emotional spike. You taught me how to watch my thoughts without judgment or reaction. I feel a liberation that I never thought was possible. You gave me the most important gift you can give someone, a healthy mind. You are truly a blessing.”

“I came to you severely scarred from head to toe due to a compulsive skin picking habit that ruled my life. I’ve missed work and social outings because of my embarrassment. I was a bit skeptical about treatment since I felt this was a disease that was beyond my control. After coming to see you, I soon learned that I could delay my urges to pick and ultimately gain complete control over my habit. I am so grateful for all the help you have given me.”

What can I say! I’m a changed person after meeting you. You taught me how to laugh at the absurdity of my thoughts and make fun of my reactions to them. You used the perfect blend of humor, sarcasm, empathy and understanding to guide me out of my obsessive world and into the here and now. Thank you so much for all you do.”

“You made me feel sane when I felt insane and that is no small feat. I stopped riding subways, going into crowded places, and putting myself in any situation where I feared I might lose control. You taught me so much about panic attacks and the false alarms of the nervous system. I resisted going to therapy for years because I was so afraid a doctor would commit me. And instead, you normalized it for me. Thanks to you, I am panic free.”

“I can’t believe it, Dr. Feinstein! I took my test yesterday without freaking out! Thank you so much for your help! I was surprisingly calm going into the exam and remained that way during the entire 3 hour test. I can’t believe how well I controlled my anxiety. And it’s all thanks to you!”

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