Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder in NYC

Often people mistake their generalized anxiety as a low grade depression or dysthymia.

Some may feel that it’s just a part of their personality. They identify themselves with being perpetually worried, on edge or sad. Many turn to drugs and alcohol to self regulate their emotions. Unfortunately, without the proper treatment, generalized anxiety can become worse and interfere with school, work or personal relationships.

What causes GAD, you ask? Well, it is often a mix of biology and life triggers that activate a nervous system, causing disproportionate reactions to perceived threats. Through the use of multiple CBT methods, we can help you identify and ultimately modify anxiety triggers. We will teach you how to reframe your worries so they will lead to less negative chatter in your head and less emotional reactivity to them. Through behavioral interventions and relaxation therapy, we will work on ways to improve your physical health which likely has been affected by the chronic anxiety. We will set goals to deal with disruptions in sleep, appetite and muscle-related tensions.

If you feel you or a loved one suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder that can benefit from the help of a psychologist, please call Advanced Behavioral Health, located in Midtown Manhattan, for an appointment. We can help.

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