Relationship Coaching for Healthy, Happier Connections

Is it hard for you to find a meaningful relationship?

Can you and your partner benefit from improved communication? Do you feel stuck in a relationship you are not sure you want to be in? Our therapeutic tools, support, and guidance can help you find, maintain and move forward in a healthy and satisfying relationship.

Using a variety of CBT techniques, you will learn to navigate the dating process with a greater sense of confidence, integrity and understanding.

If you are in an existing relationship, you will practice improved communication and develop strategies for conflict-resolution. You will learn coping mechanisms to better emotionally regulate. You and your partner will acquire skills to become more accepting of each other’s differences and more flexible in your patterns of thinking.

By working together to identify emotional triggers, we can uncover some core wounds and target the relevant issues. We can alter negative behavior cycles and adapt healthier new ones. We will role play, creatively problem solve, restructure thinking, and work on skill building.

Rather than engage in the same fights over and over, you will learn when it’s time to resist the power struggle and step away. The objective will shift from winning an argument to maintaining a calm presence and inner peace.

In addition, if you have a tendency to avoid conflict by shutting down, you will practice ways to approach your partner without inciting further conflict. By responding thoughtfully instead of reacting emotionally, you can reduce tensions and recover more quickly.

These CBT techniques can be implemented to both personal and professional relationships. Most importantly, it can help you build a healthier relationship with yourself. The more you can live authentically by staying true to your own inner values, the more you will feel secure in your ability to foster healthy relationships and walk away from unhealthy ones. The objective is to thrive individually, which in turn will promote dynamics within relationships. The more compassion you have for yourself, the more connected you can be to your partner.

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